Re: short minute of meeting at guadec

On Mon, Apr 08, 2002 at 12:26:43AM +0200, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> most of the GO apps use Bonobo, so it shouldn't be too difficult to have
> a little integration with a little effort.
Bonobo is useful on some levels, but not all.  I'd like to focus on
the non-bonobo aspects first.  Particularly code sharing in as many
levels as possible.
> one of the best things we should start doing is to move the different
> filters for file formats to a libgnomeoffice.
That is ambituous.
Very ambitious.
Moving the framework to manage such filters into a gnome-office lib
seems like a definite win.  That along with the plugin framework
that supports it are quite general.  However, the filters themselves
will likely require access to some of the individual application
data structures and apis that are not general.

> what's zippios? I've just googgled for it and nothing was found :-(

We'll also need to get access to the magic header file generator
from OO.  Ideally it would live in either zipios or in gnome-office
lib.  The former would be easier for OO the later would be easier
for us.

> > Jody:
> >  - escher drawings... how? There's no reasonable way to do it xp.
> >    what canvas can be used?
In an ideal world if abiword can be convinced to use a pango/gtk
based canvas xp for document display (you'd keep the native widgets
for dialogs, menus etc) then we would aim to have the escher drawing
layer use that and we'd all win.

> > Jody:
> >  - pango is planned to provide printing support (Dom: fabulous... I'd even help
> >    with that)
Much research is required here to understand how to even ask useful

> >  - I will need to hack on gnome-print
After lots of discussions with Chema (gnome-print developer) it
seems like we have some consensus on how to procede.  The goal boils
down to slimming down gnome-print and working towards integration
with pango.  Details later.

> >  - common code for undo redo, emf, wmf, plugins, etc...
> Joaquin Cuenca just implemented an undo/redo system for Glade2 (the
> rewriting of glade), so we might want to put that code in that
> libgnomeoffice.
I'll have a look to see how it relates the version in gnumeric.
> >  - will check zippios out
> >  - will clean up io abstraction
> what does that mean?
We need to do some research on a few things.
- how well zipios works
- how easy it is to get support for the OO header in the zip file
- how much work is necessary to be able to read files from different
  sources into zipios (think gnome-vfs/network type sources)

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