Re: The Tempest

Martin Sevior wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Nov 2000, David Mohring wrote:
> > > yes they can. We're doing it now. No other platform has gnome-print.
> > > No other platfrom has gal, or esd.
> > >
> > > We will get bonobo going soon. No other platfrom has that. If gnome
> > > programmer want to add cool gnome features to abi send in the patches.
> > >
> >
> > The OpenOffice project is doing the same thing, but it and Abiword is
> The last I heard the Open Office guys weren't even sure they'd use gtk.
> Maybe they could give us an update.

They will not replacing VCL-X11 with GTK+ for a while yet, but will be 
including bonobo compatibility for all their compound documents.

> > still
> > classed under Sycorax because the core code is complicated by the need
> > to be
> > portable across more than one GUI/Enviroment platform.
> >
> The code is not complicated by that need. It is a beautiful design feature
> that naturally seperates front end GUI eye-candy (which is nice) from
> backend features.

But it does add another layer of complexity, admittedly less than that of
OpenOffice, but greater than that of the purely native gnome apps.

> The fact that we have multi-platform support is an added bonus of a great
> design anyway.

Which is why I stated "Cross platform ( aside from Gnome ) and therefore
larger user base" in Sycorax pros.

Where Abiword belongs in the classification is a side issue.
It is more important is to get the members of the email list to respond
and discuss the questions at the end of the original article. 

David Mohring ...

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