Re: The Tempest

On Thu, 23 Nov 2000, David Mohring wrote:
> > yes they can. We're doing it now. No other platform has gnome-print.
> > No other platfrom has gal, or esd.
> > 
> > We will get bonobo going soon. No other platfrom has that. If gnome
> > programmer want to add cool gnome features to abi send in the patches.
> > 
> The OpenOffice project is doing the same thing, but it and Abiword is

The last I heard the Open Office guys weren't even sure they'd use gtk.

Maybe they could give us an update.

> still
> classed under Sycorax because the core code is complicated by the need
> to be
> portable across more than one GUI/Enviroment platform.

The code is not complicated by that need. It is a beautiful design feature
that naturally seperates front end GUI eye-candy (which is nice) from
backend features.

The fact that we have multi-platform support is an added bonus of a great
design anyway.


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