Re: Abiword & Gnome (was: Re: What is GNOME office?)

kažkada, berods Pr, 2000-11-20 15:08-0500, Dom Lachowicz rašė:
> Gnumeric uses libglade for just about all of its dialogs, though. It's 
> really nice, but at the moment, it doesn't fit into our framework too well. 
> Why not? We don't use gettext. Internationilization using our method + glade 
> would *suck*.

And why do not switch to gettext? It would be so much easier for translators
to maintain their translations... Isn't gettext ported to all platforms?

There is so much code in Abiword that is already in libraries... Gnome
programs use the libraries. Abiword implements even utility functions by
itslef... is this useful? Maybe it's easier to port useful libraries to
other platforms than to create almost everything from scratch?

As for internationalization -- gettext handles which language interface do
you want. In Abiword, it seems the only way to select a language is change
manually ~/.Abisuite/AbiWord.Profile file. Not a convenient way.

And if you want to support real internationalization... It would be too hard
and uneffective to write your own Gtk+2 and Pango. No other toolkit gives
you that capabilities. Abiword even does not support charsets correctly, the
combobox in font selection dialog with only one entry "Placeholder" prevents
me from using Abiword.

Gediminas Paulauskas  -=-

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