Re: Abiword & Gnome (was: Re: What is GNOME office?)

Sam TH said:
Dom, what do we use libglade for in the GNOME front end?
We don't. A lot of the GTK code is human-edited output generated by Glade though. Our Gnome dialogs extend our GTK ones, which don't use glade.

Using glade would be a *lot* easier than what we currently do, though. This is especially true for Gtk/Gnome inheritance. Basically, we can say:

#ifndef HAVE_GNOME
GladeXML *gui = glade_xml_new("");
GladeXML *gui = glade_xml_new("");

// will return stock GTK version or Gnome version based on above
GtkWidget *ok_button = glade_xml_get_widget(gui, "ok_button");

and have all of the rest of our c/c++ code shared between the two versions. Then changing dialogs becomes a snap because it doesn't involve changing a line of code in the majority of circumstances. Also, there is almost no performance hit when using Glade. It takes a little longer to construct your GUI, but that's about it. We're talking on the order of 1/1000s of a second here.

Gnumeric uses libglade for just about all of its dialogs, though. It's really nice, but at the moment, it doesn't fit into our framework too well. Why not? We don't use gettext. Internationilization using our method + glade would *suck*.

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