Re: Bonobo - storage formats ...

Martin Sevior said:
I think that unless someone comes up with an xp way of doing component
integration Real Soon Now, embedding of compoenents in Abi will be
Gnome-only thing. This makes sense since no other platform is going to
have anything like Gnome's array of components.

We might actually be able to get away with this XP actually. It all depends on how active our win32 guys are before the next release...

Basically, we need an XP way of determining the proper renderer/editor for any given component. One way (though it certainly has its drawbacks) is to use something like a mime-type scheme.

In the MSFT MSWord spec, for example, the embedded object's data is serialized right in the OLE2 streams. I can safely assume that Excel handles things similarly. What we can do is store the data inside of our <data> tag and come up with an <embedded-object> tag with an IDREF or similar to the corresponding data entry. For storing XML serialized data (such as a SVG doc or uncompressed Gnumeric file), we'll need to add XMLNS support to our importer and exporter, or else suffer horrible consequenses if tags clash...

So if we come up with a platform-specific mechanism for creating a Bonobo/OLE2 embeddable component from a mime-type and some data(possibly binary), we should be able to handle things in an XP manner. This doesn't seem all too unreasonable but may be a bit ambitious.

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