Re: What is GNOME office?

> Remember that Microsoft's #1 attack on free software is that we don't
> have central vision and don't have well-integrated software. GNOME has
> in many ways been an answer to that, bringing enough expertise
> together to start to finally create a solid, unified higher-level
> system on top of UNIX. Components, GUI toolkit, etc. are part of that,
> but the office suite is also part of it; especially since the office
> components are frequently used as the core of custom applications and
> are thus part of the development environment.
I think a first solution for this not-integrated-software would be, in the
first instance, to share as much code as possible between all possible
Office components.

That is, to have a gnome-office-libs where code such as common file formats,
GUI stuff, etc, and, most importantly, common IDL interfaces, so that people
can choose any component from any project.

So it would be great to have all people involved on this start discussions
about this...


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