Re: GNOME Office and OpenOffice (fwd)

> > it's actually a way we are currently evaluating. Bonobo-Integration I
> > mean. Currently I see two chances: 1st OpenOffice API could partly
> > migrate with Bonobo, 2nd OpenOffice could offer Bonobo wrappers. My
> > preferred solution is the first one, but it depends on many things.
> How will using bonobo affect non-gnome users?

I was just speaking about an API merger, an API in this sense is nothing 
but a specification. In both cases, OpenOffice will still run on 
non-GNOME systems with the same functionality.

> theoretically speaking - would it be possible to apply something similar
> to vcl (or sal&vos) here?

VCL is much deeper in the OpenOffice code that the API is nowadays. 

> Gnome is bound to come up with (totally
> incompatible) bonobo2 in 3-4 years (max), and using bonobo offers nothing
> to non-bonobo apps/environments.

Let's not necessarily take Bonobo 1.0 for the merger, probably it will be 
Bonobo 2.0 or whatever. But if we want that, we have to start now to 
unify the APIs - in the meaning of designing new APIs together. Why do 
you thin, the Bonobo API will change faster than the OpenOffice API 


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