Re: GNOME Office and OpenOffice (fwd)


> > If as promised OO becomes a collection of bonobo components we can plug
> > them into Abi with no trouble. OO could do the same with Abi, Gnumeric,
> > Guppi etc.
> >
> OO in a way does this - please look at the technical overview/ any other
> relevant docs / source code. Not with bonobo right now, though.

it's actually a way we are currently evaluating. Bonobo-Integration I 
mean. Currently I see two chances: 1st OpenOffice API could partly 
migrate with Bonobo, 2nd OpenOffice could offer Bonobo wrappers. My 
preferred solution is the first one, but it depends on many things.


I am speaking for myself, not for my employer.
Please do NOT direct any questions about OpenOffice/StarOffice 
to my email address, use appropriate mailing lists instead.

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