Re: Specifying Office Component IDL?

Please, line wrap your emails.  Thanks.

> >4. Write components that implement these interfaces

> New OpenOffice components are already written after the specified
API. For older components, wrapper implementations exist. This is an
approach which can of course be done by other applications, like
AbiWord, too.

> If, for example, AbiWord would implement the APIs for an OpenOffice
TextDocument (and its sub-components), the XML reader/writer component
of OpenOffice could be used by AbiWord.

> Herewith, I do not understand a whole text processor as a single
component. But as long as the API implementation is actually a
wrapper, this will be the granularity of exchangebility. The API of
course must support a finer granularity.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this last paragraph.

It would be very nice for AbiWord to be usable this way, and I'm sure
that it would benifit people.  Unfortunately, AbiWord can't be built
from the ground up with components, the way SO or Evolution are,
because of the lack of XP component frameworks.  So, while we will
probably be set up that AbiWord can be embedded in another
application, or used as WordProcessor component (if there is one) we
won't be usable as a text formatter, say, independetly of the rest of
the application.  At least not until Windows ships with Bonobo.  :-)

> Who said, that Sun people are not on the list? ;-) Some of my colleagues are at least watching this list too.

Well, they could make their presence known occasionally.  Then people
wouldn't think they didn't exist.  

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