Re: [gnome-nl] Manual import Evolution

Op 30-09-10 05:01, Jan Claeys schreef:
Op dinsdag 28-09-2010 om 10:55 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Hannie:
The import of (Master) was approved, but what I
see in Launchpad is different from the file I imported. In LP there
are 126 untranslated strings. And there are strings that do not exist
in the file I imported. Example:
"The EShell singleton." I searched for this string in Evolution
(Master + 2.32), but there was no match.
There are 4740 strings in Evolution in LP
and 4536 strings in Evolution (Master + 2.32) at Gnome Damned Lies
( I have no
idea where this difference comes from. It might be possible that, in
LP, files like evolution-exchange, evolution-data-server etc. are
merged into Evolution itself. This is just a wild guess from me.
Like with Nautilus, I want to understand what is happening with files
from upstream.
Perhaps you can help me understand.
Mogelijke redenen die ik kan zien:
       * oudere strings die in GNOME verwijderd zijn (en in Ubuntu
         misschien ook niet meer gebruikt worden?)
       * Ubuntu-specifieke patches

Iets als "The EShell singleton." klinkt trouwens alsof het onderdeel is
van debug- of (technische) foutboodschappen, en dan is vertalen niet zó

Antwoord van David:

 First I imported Master, but today I imported 2.32 (not sure if it
 should be or There is
 not much difference between the two.)

They should be identical (or nearly). In GNOME, after the stable release
generally a gnome-$VERSION-$MINOR_VERSION branch is created off the
master branch. That's why you see 2 files: the master one is the one
you've been translating until now, and the gnome-2-32 one is the one for
the now stable 2-32 branch.

Sure. I believe what's happening here is that in Ubuntu Maverick we are
using the old stable version of Evolution, that is, 2.30. In GNOME,
however, you've been translating the newer 2.32 version, which will not
be imported into Launchpad in this cycle.

Nothing wrong has actually happened, as Launchpad takes care of merging
the appropriate messages and discard the others, so there is no need to
undo the upload or anything else.

What I'd recommend you do, if you want to make sure Evolution 2.30 is
fully translated in Maverick, is to either translate it upstream and
then manually import it (as I'm not sure there will be a new Ubuntu
package uploaded before the deadline), or translate it in Ubuntu, export
the translations and commit them upstream.

Just to give you a bit of background, this situation (using an older
version of a GNOME component) is not rare: Maverick will ship GNOME
2.32, the latest release. However, sometimes we must leave some
components behind for stability reasons (e.g. serious bugs, regressions,
unstable dependencies, etc.)

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