[gnome-nl] Manual import Evolution

Hello David,
As with Nautilus, I have imported Evolution manually into Launchpad (I know you adviced me only to do so when I think it necessary). The reason is this: we finished Evolution (Master + 2.32) last week at Gnome. I want the fully translated Evolution to be included in Maverick (deadline in a few days). First I imported Master, but today I imported 2.32 (not sure if it should be evolution.master.nl.po or evolution.gnome-2-32.nl.po. There is not much difference between the two.) The import of evolution.master.nl.po (Master) was approved, but what I see in Launchpad is different from the file I imported. In LP there are 126 untranslated strings. And there are strings that do not exist in the file I imported. Example: "The EShell singleton." I searched for this string in Evolution (Master + 2.32), but there was no match. There are 4740 strings in Evolution in LP (https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/evolution/+pots/evolution/nl/), and 4536 strings in Evolution (Master + 2.32) at Gnome Damned Lies (http://l10n.gnome.org/vertimus/evolution/gnome-2-32/po/nl). I have no idea where this difference comes from. It might be possible that, in LP, files like evolution-exchange, evolution-data-server etc. are merged into Evolution itself. This is just a wild guess from me. Like with Nautilus, I want to understand what is happening with files from upstream.
Perhaps you can help me understand.

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