Re: [gnome-nl] Automated translation into en_GB

2009-01-27 klockan 20:06 skrev Claude Paroz:
> I understand your concern about automated translation, which is bad in
> most cases. But apart english derivatives, this might be useful for
> other language derivatives, or for transliteration (e.g. latin ->
> cyrillic conversion).

For what it's worth, in Dutch there are two slightly different spellings as
well. While we haven't run into any serious issues yet (the differences are
really small and most people won't notice anyway), automated conversion
scripts could be a way to let us have both (simple word replacements would
be enough for the conversion).

It should be noted, however, that right now we don't care at all about these
spelling variatons, and it's quite likely we never will. :)

    — Wouter

[1] Named "green" and "white" spelling, inspired by the cover color of the
    book defining that particular spelling variation.

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