[gnome-network] Bug#355260: gnome-nettool: Doesnt work with renamed interfaces


Le 19.11.2006 08:45:52, Øystein Gisnås a écrit :
Package: gnome-nettool
Version: 2.14.2-1

tags 355260 confirmed

You reported a bug http://bugs.debian.org/355260 in gnome-nettool
eight months ago. I am able to reproduce most of the problems you
report, but not all. Can you try this with the most recent version in
Debian unstable?

Yes, I still have this problem

In particular, I don't see the "Network device:  Unknown interface
(lan)" message

This is not really a message.
In the list of the available interfaces, there"interface loopback (lo)"
and the "unknown interface (lan)" one

. The interface has a different icon than network
interfaces, though. And the problem when I click configure is still

I still have this problem also



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