Re: [gnome-network]Patch for UI Update and others

On Fri, 2004-01-02 at 22:43, Ulrich Neumann wrote:
> Hello,
> the attached patch adds the following to gnome-remote-shell:
> - Changed the UI from a Dialog to a Window.
> - Added a menu
> - Added Credits menu
> - Made the UI more consitent with other Gnome Applications
> - If you start a remote shell the wrapper doesn't exit any more.
> I've found that it is much better that gnome-remote-shell stays on the
> screen because it is easier if you want to connect to several different
> machines simultaneously. This is very common I think.
> You need both patch files in order to have this working.
committed both, with this change removed:

-       const gchar *xml_file = DIALOGDIR ""; 
+       const gchar *xml_file = "";

We need to use the DIALOGDIR define, or the file won't be found unless
it's in the current directory.

There is also one thing I don't like which is the Quit button on the
main window. Could we get rid of it?

Thanks for the patch

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