Re: [gnome-network]Zeroconf

On 2003.08.29 13:34, Rodrigo Moya wrote:

And why a glib port of tmdns? It seems to be just a daemon, to be run as
any other system daemon, so why do we need a glib port of it? Or am I

Cause glib is an excelent collection of data structures and a bunch of system stuff uses it anyway. That said, unless tmdns blows dead bears I don't see need to mess with working stuff ;)

What we could start thinking about is about a glib implementation of
SLP, since it seems that due to license conflicts, we might not be able
to use libslp.

I'd ask FSF before writting it off completly.

Carlos Morgado -  gpgkey: 0x1FC57F0A
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