[gnome-network]File sharing from Nautilus

First of all, the creation of this mailing list is a good thing.

Second, I am refering to a recent discussion on the nautilus-list gnome
org mailing list :
(transcript below).

Many people suggested some good ideals on how to be able to share
folders directly from Nautilus, abstracting the netwoking protocol (Smb,

There seems to be more thoughs on the best approach.

I'd be very interesting to see here your comments,


Transcript from

What's the status of being able to share directories directly from
Nautilus ?

The ideal is similar to windoze, kde and Mac os X. Right click on a
directory -> share as -> dialog.

Looking at the way other do, it would be very interesting that one
single dialog allows to choose :

	- Folder name to share
	- Display
	- Access level (Read / Write)
	- Protocol (smb / http / ftp / nfs)

The ideal of different protocol is a great advantage. I've seen people
using kde working with read only HTTP shares in our company. Any others
can connect to the shared computers with only a web browser ! That very

For smb, it obvious the benefits it provides... but destop users MUST be
able to share folders without going to command line editing... and
Nautilus is the place to do that !

Looking at tools like redhat-config-samba is very interesting : it only
update the /etc/samba file with a very simple addition. The same can be
done for /etc/httpd.conf. Same goes to KDE.

Any status and ideals / feasibility / comments of such feature ?"

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