How to start work on gnome docs

Hi guys,

There is no a lot of people on the list, but hopefully we can still
inspire people from Malaysia to love and contribute time to GNOME

Starting from Documentation is quite an easy way, although documentation
does take a lot of time, so here it is:

Brief introduction

GNOME project uses docbook xml for all documentations, and then use the
yelp help browser to view the html page being converted from docbook
xml. docbook allows people to convert the xml file into an html file
with any stylesheet they like.

How to start
0) You should first take some time to look at the GNOME documentation
   Handbook (,
   although in future, we might use the Fedora Documentation handbook.

1) Read existing documentations of any applet or application that comes
   with GNOME desktop. We learn from expect about how to write
   documentation, what tone to use, what sentence, how to structure the

2) Read the GNOME Documentation Style Guide 
   (, ( you
   might be eager to start write docs, but at the end you will come back
   to the guide).

3) Check with the Doctable  
   (, to see which
   application or applet lacks of
   documentation and need people to work on it. Select the application
   or applet which you familiar and then post a message to the
   gnome-doc-list gnome org stating that you want to write the
   documentation for the applet or application. It is to avoid duplicate
   of work (someone might work on this manual too). You should also
   email to the package mailing list or maintainer to tell her/him that
   you want to work on the manual.

4) .... start writing. it.. you can use the template provided by Docs
   team (

5) once finished the documentation, you can send the docs as a patch on, someone might build the docs for you and
   check in the cvs, you can also post a message to
   gnome-doc-list gnome org ask for help.

Hey, it is easy isn't it?.... 

you should definitely look at
for more complete information about how to work on docs.

Chee Bin HOH <cbhoh gnome org>,

Where we're going, we don't need roads...,

Free Software - `Free` as in Freedom,

Please avoid sending me Word or PowerPoint attachments.

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