New status update for gnome-sound-recorder

Hi all,

Since my last message I added some features and did a little UI redesign.

You can still get the code at gitorious

If the compilation fails with something like 900 errors, just modify the libnotfy deps file (usually /usr/share/vala-0.XX/vapi/libnotify.deps) : replace gdk-2.0 by gdk-3.0 and gtk+-2.0 by gtk+-3.0
There's also an error in gtk+-3.0.vapi: replace the line "public void get_padding (int xpad, int ypad);" (in Gtk.CellRenderer, line 932) by "public void get_padding (ou int xpad, out int ypad);"

Then everything should be okay, just don't forget to add the gsettings schema as explained in README.
If someone could improve our autotools files so it do it automatically, it would be great :-)

Florent Thévenet

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