Re: GStreamer profile for Transmageddon/Arista for the Meizu M6 player

On Tue, 2009-10-13 at 03:06 +0200, Luis Menina wrote:
> Hi Christian, thanks for your advice. Do you have a prefered input file 
> I could work on ? ATM I work on some videoclips wich are copyrighted. If 
> you know how to encode only a few seconds of the original source, it 
> would be considered IMHO as « fair use » or similar. A small Creative 
> Commons video would also do the trick too (the only one I can think of 
> is Big Buck Bunny which is a little too big ;-)).

You can generate small clips using GStreamer or FFmpeg pretty easily,

ffmpeg -i infile -t 60 ... outfile.mp4

Will only encode the first 60 seconds of your input file. If you don't
have any input files you want to use then use a test source to generate
a small video:

gst-launch-0.10 videotestsrc num-buffers=500 ! x264enc crf=23 ! qtmux !
filesink location="test.mp4"

The GStreamer filesrc also supports num-buffers so you can limit the
amount of an input file that is encoded.

Take care,
Daniel G. Taylor

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