Re: GStreamer profile for Transmageddon/Arista for the Meizu M6 player

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller a écrit :
Hi Luis,
What would help is if you can create two small clips, one with mencoder
that works on your device and one with GStreamer that doesn't. Using the
same input source. If you attach those two small clips to a GStreamer
bugreport we will be able to compare them and try to figure out the

Hi Christian, thanks for your advice. Do you have a prefered input file I could work on ? ATM I work on some videoclips wich are copyrighted. If you know how to encode only a few seconds of the original source, it would be considered IMHO as « fair use » or similar. A small Creative Commons video would also do the trick too (the only one I can think of is Big Buck Bunny which is a little too big ;-)).

Thanks again,

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