Re: Add a new Totem plugin to transcode videos

On Thu, 2009-09-10 at 10:15 +0200, thibaut bethune wrote:
> After some thoughts, maybe the plugin way is not the good one.
> It would be more convenient and powerfull to use MIME Types to allow
> user to open the current video in another multimedia application that
> could be Brasero, PiTiVi, Transmageddon (i've pointed this one because
> it has export capabilities for PSP, iPhone etc see
> etc.
> Eye of GNOME does that for picture, see :
> i don't know if it's possible to easily export a video into Brasero

We already use brasero to do disc duplication, and brasero takes care of
the transcoding.

>  or
> PiTiVi since these applications needs 1st to "open a new project"
> before dealing with videos but i think it would avoid cluttering
> Totem, allow a lot of flexibility (any application that deals with
> video would be concerned), be very simple to use and easily
> discoverable (not plugin to activate first)

Adding a plugin to show a:
Open [filename] in... -> Other movie player
                         Some movie converter
menu item in the Movie menu sounds like a good idea.


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