RELEASE: GStreamer Bad Plug-ins 0.10.12 'More than I can handle'

This mail announces the release of GStreamer Bad Plug-ins 0.10.12 'More than I can handle'.

GStreamer Bad Plug-ins is a set of plug-ins that aren't up to par compared to
the rest. They might be close to being good quality, but they're missing
something - be it a good code review, some documentation, a set of tests, a
real live maintainer, or some actual wide use.
For more information, see
To file bugs, go to
Release notes for GStreamer Bad Plug-ins 0.10.12 "More than I can handle"

The GStreamer team is proud to announce a new release
in the 0.10.x stable series of the
GStreamer Bad Plug-ins.

The 0.10.x series is a stable series targeted at end users.
It is not API or ABI compatible with the stable 0.8.x series.
It is, however, parallel installable with the 0.8.x series.

"That an accusation?"

No perfectly groomed moustache or any amount of fine clothing is going to
cover up the truth - these plug-ins are Bad with a capital B.
They look fine on the outside, and might even appear to get the job done, but
at the end of the day they're a black sheep. Without a golden-haired angel
to watch over them, they'll probably land in an unmarked grave at the final

Don't bug us about their quality - exercise your Free Software rights,
patch up the offender and send us the patch on the fastest steed you can
steal from the Confederates. Because you see, in this world, there's two
kinds of people, my friend: those with loaded guns and those who dig.
You dig.

This module contains a set of plug-ins that aren't up to par compared to the
rest.  They might be close to being good quality, but they're missing something
- be it a good code review, some documentation, a set of tests, a real live
maintainer, or some actual wide use.  If the blanks are filled in they might be
upgraded to become part of either gst-plugins-good or gst-plugins-ugly,
depending on the other factors.
If the plug-ins break, you can't complain - instead, you can fix the
problem and send us a patch, or bribe someone into fixing them for you.
New contributors can start here for things to work on.

Other modules containing plug-ins are:

contains a basic set of well-supported plug-ins
contains a set of well-supported plug-ins under our preferred license
contains a set of well-supported plug-ins, but might pose problems for


Features of this release
      * Presets support in several elements
      * Support ITV MPEG-TS streams
      * New element: flvmux
      * New element: osxvideosrc
      * Fixes in RTP elements
      * camerabin fixes
      * Improved QT/mp4 muxing
      * xdgmime based content type guessing
      * deinterlace2 moved to the Good plugins (replacing deinterlace)
      * Support for MXF muxing, and improved MXF demuxing
      * Greatly improved DVD playback
      * DirectDraw element moved back from Good plugins
      * Many other bug fixes and improvements

Bugs fixed in this release
      * 573852 : Update celt to 0.5.x
      * 574401 : metadatamux fails^WIS failure
      * 580091 : soundtouch plugin fails to load
      * 153684 : [osxvideosrc] Mac users needs an osxvideosrc
      * 537700 : [scaletempo] Scale audio tempo in sync with playback rate
      * 569437 : mpegtsparse: flow error or crashes while dynamicly changi...
      * 569673 : [Mpegtsparse] PAT changes not always signaled
      * 569781 : [Mpegtsparse] drop of valid TS packets
      * 573595 : plugins-bad mingw ports
      * 573846 : Check for soundtouch-1.4 too
      * 573847 : Use SDL static-libs for conftest and libs for gstsdl*
      * 573848 : Use native CPU number detection in mpeg2enc
      * 573849 : modplug's sndfile.h conflicts with libsndfile's sndfile.h
      * 575388 : [aacparse] deadlocks in busy loop when seeking
      * 575736 : mpeg2enc's bitrate parameter does not work properly
      * 576408 : [playbin2] Deadlock when using resindvd as source
      * 577690 : rtpdtmfmux: missing pad unref
      * 577864 : [residvd] dvdnav version requirements should be higher
      * 578112 : x264enc: I-frame request
      * 578562 : dshowdecwrapper missing check for GST_DISABLE_GST_DEBUG
      * 578563 : win32 export files are not disted
      * 580133 : Regression in baseparse since last release
      * 580144 : emit notify::internal-ssrc when there is a ssrc collision
      * 580786 : [flvmux] " uninitialized variable " compiler warning
      * 580901 : Uninitialized variable may be used in fpsdisplaysink.c
      * 581375 : rtpssrcdemux crashes on SR-less rtcp packets
      * 582013 : uninitialized var in mxfmux.c prevents gst-plugins-bad bu...
      * 582074 : [faad] Fails to build with faad 2.6 (misdetected as 2.7)
      * 582208 : [PATCH] fix for soundtouch-1.4
      * 582483 : y4menc doesn't pass timestamps on
      * 582656 : [mxfdemux] Fix deadlock when querying from the pad-added ...
      * 582702 : qtmux: crash in atom_moov_add_blob_tag
      * 583337 : [mxfmux] Wrong layout for non-interlaced formats
      * 580585 : rtpmux memleak
      * 577843 : input-selector causes problems with DVD menus in playbin2
      * 581593 : gppmux doesn't support MPEG4 part 2 in sink caps
      * 575284 : add auto-connect-forced mode to jackaudiosrc and jackaudi...
      * 576021 : On Windows qtmux can't write files longer than 2-4 GiB, u...
      * 576712 : Output-selector keeps reference to latest buffer when cha...
      * 581427 : [mpeg4videoparse] config buffer is leaked


You can find source releases of gst-plugins-bad in the download directory:

GStreamer Homepage

More details can be found on the project's website:

Support and Bugs

We use GNOME's bugzilla for bug reports and feature requests:


GStreamer is stored in Git, hosted at, and can be cloned from there.
Interested developers of the core library, plug-ins, and applications should
subscribe to the gstreamer-devel list. If there is sufficient interest we
will create more lists as necessary.

Contributors to this release
      * Alan Falloon
      * Alessandro Decina
      * Andy Wingo
      * Arnout Vandecappelle
      * Christian Schaller
      * David Schleef
      * Edward Hervey
      * Felipe Contreras
      * Haakon Sporsheim
      * Jan Schmidt
      * Janin Kolenc
      * Julien Moutte
      * Lasse Laukkanen
      * Laurent Glayal
      * Marc-Andre Lureau
      * Mark Nauwelaerts
      * Michael Smith
      * Ole André Vadla Ravnås
      * Olivier Crête
      * René Stadler
      * Rov Juvano
      * Sebastian Dröge
      * Sergey Scobich
      * Stefan Kost
      * Sébastien Moutte
      * Thiago Santos
      * Thomas Vander Stichele
      * Tim-Philipp Müller
      * Tristan Matthews
      * Vincent Genieux
      * Vincent Torri
      * Wim Taymans
      * Zaheer Abbas Merali
      * РÑ?Ñ?лан Ð?жбÑ?лаÑ?ов

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