GStreamer Summit

So as I mentioned in an earlier email we are planning on organizing a
GStreamer summit during the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit:

Looking at the prelimenary schedule:

We see that the GStreamer related talks are spread out over most days.
Kicking off with Jans GStreamer 1.0 talk on Sunday. 

There is two days we are currently looking at, the first and most likely
is Monday. As there are no directly Multimedia related talks then and
Jans talk might have given people a little food for discussion.

The other option is Thursday, but we would then start after Lennarts
Audio BOF. 

So if people who want to attend could let me know by email or on IRC if
one or the other would not work for them. Anyone who do not let me know
in some fashion I will assume is fine with both days.

Current lists of probable topics:
GStreamer 1.0
High level and helper APIs


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