Re: Presets and profiles

2009/5/5 Daniel G. Taylor <dan programmer-art org>

I'm a bit disappointed that the newer iDevices (TM) don't have the plist
on them... any idea why? Seems like a step in the wrong direction
removing them. I was hoping to add support for transcoding directly to
iPods into Arista with libgpod's Python bindings and this info would
really be useful while waiting for the real device profiles to get
finalized and working.

Not sure exactly which devices you refer to by "newer iDevices". There are roughly 2 ipods families for this matter, the iPod Classic/iPod Nano (called iPod from now on) on one side, and the iPod Touch/iPhone (called iPhone from now on) on the other side.

For the iPod, the plist xml file doesn't exist on the visible device filesystem, but it can be extracted through a SCSI Inquiry command, and libgpod installs a hal callout which issues this command and writes the plist file to disk when the iPod is plugged in.

For the iPhone, I suspect this information is available somehow from the iPhone but at this point in time, I have no idea where to get it from. Maybe it's available from the custom USB protocol, maybe it's available somewhere in the filesystem, I don't know :) But I'm pretty sure it can be found somehow.


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