Re: Request Your Opinion

Hi Farrokh,

I am not sure to undersatnd what problem you have installing a Linux

However, I suggest you to read either:

- Fedora installation guide:
- ubuntu installation wiki:

Installation instructions/CDs in books are often not up to date, but
they might contain still helpful notes.


2008/3/9 Farrokh Mehrad <farrokh mehrad gmail com>:
> Hi GNOME People,
> I was recently introduced to UBUNTU by a friend.  I have been long
> interested to switching to LINUX and did not know how.  This was and still
> is due to perpetual threat of virus in Windows, otherwise I must admit that
> Windows Office is powerful.  However,  I bought a RED HAT book and tried to
> download the OS through a couple of CDs attached to the guide book etc, but
> failed due to one reason or another.
> Now with the little knowledge I have about Ubuntu, would you think it wise
> or a big jump if I switch to GNOME?
> Thank you in anticipation of your advice.
> Best Regards
> Farrokh Mehrad
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Marc-André Lureau

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