Re: Notes from Sound BoF at GUADEC 2008

Hey Lennart,

On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 7:13 PM, Lennart Poettering
<lennart poettering net> wrote:
>           1. write a new gnome-volume-control, directly linking against
>              libpulse, that does all what pavucontrol does, however
>              doesn't suck, isn't written in C++ and looks as pretty as
>              the current g-v-c. (a compact version should be
>              embeddable into the panel, a full version should run
>              standalone. Also see Topaz mockups)
>           1. Check with people (i.e. Solaris, ...) if it is OK to
>              link against libpulse directly from some very specific
>              desktop applications (such as g-v-c) instead of always
>              going through some kind of abstraction layer (i.e.
>              GStreamer, libcanberra, ...).
>           2. Ask KDE folks about how to proceed with PA and lib
>              canberra

How hard (compared to rewriting g-v-c/g-v-a to link to libpulse) is it
to abstract libpulse away in gst's mixer API, or to extend it to fit
libpulse's needs?


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