First alpha-release of Schroedinger Dirac implementation

We just did the first preview release of our Dirac implementation in C
a release we have given the version number 0.2.0 :)

Dirac is a video codec develop by the BBC which will provide top of the
line image quality video, competitive with the latest proprietary video

This release is not meant for any kind of production use, but instead
targeted at developers interested in starting to play with the code.

The release includes both an encoder and a decoder for Dirac. It also
includes GStreamer plugins and the needed changes have been done in
GStreamer CVS to be able to create valid Ogg files with Dirac embedded
in them.

You can download the source tarball at this location:

More information on the Schroedinger project can be found at:

Schroedinger is quadruple licensed under the MPL/GPL/LGPL and MIT

Be aware that the files created by the encoder is not 100% valid Dirac
files so any files created at this point might not work with future
versions of the decoder or with other decoder implementations like the 
C++ one from the BBC. Be also aware that performance is slow at this
point as very little optimization work is done so only high performance
computers will be able to playback created files smoothly.

Feedback from people using various platforms on portability issues or
other kind of developer level feedback would be more than welcome.

Contact us either through the Schroedinger mailing list or on the
#gstreamer or #fluendo channels on


Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller
Business Development Manager
Fluendo S.L.
Mobile Phone: +34 666927819
Office Phone: +34 933175153
Fax         : +34 934127034

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