Re: Media library (summer of code)

Colin Guthrie wrote:
tobutaz wrote:
This is a (late) attempt to discuss a library / desktop service I have
proposed at google's summer of code.
I just noticed murrayc had commented on it, which means I may upgrade
the proposal depending on your reactions.
The gist of the proposal (more below) is a media library that is able
to handle file moves, edits (think retaggings), new files and hotplug
events transparently. The metadata sniffing problem is not addressed,
however the application can use the library to store its metadata, or
just an external reference to it. The proposal also includes a tool
for the user to setup its desktop-wide music database, and adapting at
least one application to use the service.

I'd like to know if that is something you would want to integrate in
your application; this is particularly aimed at music players and
jukeboxes, but there may be other uses (sync tools come to mind).

Wow, This sounds really interesting. Some time ago (about a year I wrote a proposal for what I wanted to do, but never got round to doing: MetaLibrarian:

You might also want to look at Tracker which already does most of this and is also trying to be a common music database (

Tracker is aiming to provide first class music objects via a dbus api for both music files and playlists (virtual ones too). It also does all the file notifications, tagging and arbitrary metadata and will also at some point download lyrics and covert album art too.

see for some of the technical details I have proposed for a common music database.

Next version of tracker will likely include the dbus interfaces in above link (I awaiting comments on my proposed dbus api first though to make sure they are suitable)

Of course you guys are more than welcome to join in developing tracker
if you wish as I want tracker to absolutely rock for music.

Mr Jamie McCracken

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