Common Music Database using Tracker

Sri asked me to weigh in on this.

I have developed a system called Tracker which is designed as a metadata DB and indexer for all types of files (and other first class objects like contacts, emails etc)

Tracker already monitors your filesystem and builds up a db of all files including music files so it can be used as a music database right out of the box.

Tracker allows you to add arbitrary metadata (including tags but also other stuff like say a ranking integer) to any file or other service object.

Tracker provides rdf query support so you can effortlessly query all your metadata without using or knowing SQL and get all your music files and theres no need to import anything (which is bad!) cause tracker will automatically add new files, delete files that are deleted and update moved files so you should always get an up to date view of all music files on your system.

Tracker is written in C and uses the *embedded* mysql lib (this is similiar to sqlite as its in-process and needs no setup - it works straight out of the box just like sqlite). Mysql provides full text indexing (like google/beagle) so you can do superfast substring searches too.

It is portable to mac os/x and other unix variants (mysql is available on just about all of them)

For latest version see latest announcement -

Mr Jamie McCracken

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