Re: gnome-multimedia Digest, Vol 23, Issue 10

> I think the accessibility hooks into the events separately. And gok at
> least will play sounds through gnome_sound API.  The other main use of
> event sounds is in gnome-games.
>  - Ian

That's not the main concern of accessibility - the main problem/worry is
maintaining availability of the sound system when text-to-speech engines
are in use.

We need a low-latency way of sending samples to the sound subsystem, and
ensuring that we can control whether they are queued or multiplexed. 
One thing we definitely need is the ability to speak while longer media
samples are being played, whether that interrupts them or mixes with

On a number of gnome sowtware/hardware configurations, blind users must
choose between having sound on their system (i.e. multimedia,
sounds-for-events, etc.) and having speech.  Telling users who need
text-to-speech that they can't play media files is not very nice.



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