Re: Replacing esd with gstreamer

Hi Ian,

On Wed, 2006-03-29 at 13:52 -0800, Ian Burrell wrote:
> My intention is not
> to create a new event sound API but to have a fully compatible API
> which encapsulates esd and allows it to be replaced with a different
> implementation.

Good idea. Option when you finish that: take ESD, rip out the bit about
actually being a sound server, keeping the socket protocol to load and
cache sound samples. Call it gnome-sound-effectsd or such (trying to
make the name suggest that it is not a sound server). Keep the esd code
to actually play the effects. Afterwards it can be replaced with a
solution using GStreamer, but that would be a bit of work.

This way you keep the samples alive only in one process, and also some
attention can be given to realtime behavior.

Just some ideas,
Andy Wingo

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