Re: MLQ: Followup

On 6/22/06, James Doc Livingston <doclivingston gmail com> wrote:

If it's temporary, e.g. HAL isn't running, or isn't detecting the device
properly, then it's probably more complicated. Dealing with the fact
that the users music is stored as <UDI, path> and we don't know the URI
would be funky. Perhaps we could say all db entries have the <UDI, path>
field, and a "last known"/non-HAL location field.

That's what i'm currently doing, i store the full URI, but also the UDI and the partial path,
and in case HAL is not avaiable there is still the full URI present as a current resort.

The ideal situation would be that HAL would be always available, would have UDIs for all
volumes, and would run on all systems we need to run this to (Including let's say Solaris,
etc), in which case it would be exactly what you said, one would need to only store the volume
UDI and the partial path. Well anyway, repeating myself, just wanted to add that we also
already store the full URI as a backup.

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