Updated licensing advisory, now with a FAQ

Hi everyone,
So I updated the licensing advisory quite a bit since the last one after
getting feedback, mostly from Richard Stallman. I have now also included
a FAQ which is basically the list of questions and answers we sent to
and got replied from FSF. 

The pages are now hosted on the GStreamer site, but I have not linked to
the page from anywhere on the site yet. I will do so in a few days, and
at that point also add the relevant sections of the advisory to the
plugins writers guide and the application writers guide.

The reason I am not putting it up right away is to give the FSF some
more time to review it before making it truly public.

Anyway, feedback from other interested parties is still welcome. And I
would like to point out that this advisory is not just for people making
GStreamer plugins, but also for application developers, and as such the
information within is interesting even if you are not using GStreamer.

The permanent link for the document is:

The FAQ is linked from within the document.


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