Announcing liboil-0.3.0 - Library of Optimized Inner Loops

Announcing liboil-0.3.0 - Library of Optimized Inner Loops

Liboil is a library of simple functions that are optimized for
various CPUs.  These functions are generally loops implementing
simple algorithms, such as converting an array of N integers to
floating-point numbers or multiplying and summing an array of
N numbers.  Such functions are candidates for significant
optimization using various techniques, especially by using extended
instructions provided by modern CPUs (Altivec, MMX, SSE, etc.).

This release represents a significant milestone in the liboil
project.  The sections of the ABI that are most interesting to
developers are now considered to be stable, and will be stable
throughout the 0.3.x and 0.4.x series.

As of this release, I'm actively encouraging other open-source
projects to begin using liboil.  I'm happy to do much of work
converting projects to use liboil, and especially, adding function
classes and implementations to liboil that may be needed.

Web Page:

Liboil's license is Two-clause BSD.


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