Re: Can Arts work on Gnome?

Rocky Zhang schrieb:

I'm now using Fedora Core 3 with Gnome. I know Gnome default use ESD
sound driver, but some audio/video application seems not work well with
ESound driver, such as Xmms and Mplayer ( I only can make it work by
ALSA sound driver). I tested Xmms and Mplayer in KDE of FC3, it seems
work fine.  Is there any way to let Gnome use Arts sound driver instead
of ESD?
Polypaudio [1] with it's ESD driver is a drop-in ESD replacement.
It works like a charm on my machine. Lennart really provides a great software package :). I don't know whether it's available as a Fedora package. If not, you should bug RH/Fed people :).



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