Re: Replacing Esound with Polypaudio?

On Wed, 08.09.04 16:00, David Schleef (ds schleef org) wrote:


> > This is probably not as easy as its sounds: libesd exposes the
> > connections's file descriptor to the client application for direct
> > access with write(). There is no sane way I can emulate this, since
> > polypaudio speaks a much more complicated protocol on the line. The
> > only solution I see here is giving out a socketpair() fd here and
> > having a background thread that transmits all data to the polypaudio
> > server. But that's ugly, especially for latency.
> Issues like this are probably negotiable.  There's no decent reason
> for an application to need to do this.

Acessing the file descriptors for playback directly is the official
way to playback audio on the esound daemon. If this is not emulated,
the whole library would be useless.

> > Please elaborate on the exact features you'd require for a new sound
> > server for Gnome. I need to know them so that I can implement them.
> I don't speak for GNOME, but since I've thought about the problem
> repeatedly, I'd be happy to offer ideas.  (I need to either find my
> list or recreate it.)

Yes, please!

> Sure it does.  Just pretend that each release is a new major version,
> and change the library name accordingly (e.g.,,
>, etc.)

That's a good idea, I'll modify polypaudio accordingly.


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