Replacing Esound with Polypaudio?


I am currently working on the Polypaudio sound server, a drop-in
replacement for esound. Polypaudio is a modern sound server that
features protocol-level compatiblity with esound.

Please see

for more information. A quick comparison with ESOUND/aRts is on:

I have great interest in getting Polypaudio into Gnome 3.0 (or 2.10?)
as a replacement for esound. Polypaudio delivers better latencies, is
extensible and has a more cleanly written core than esound has. Due to
the fact that old esound based applications continue to work with new
polypaudio I think that Polypaudio would make a great replacement for

Since the KDE people are currently looking for a new sound server as
well, I will also try to push polypaudio into KDE. A common sound
server for both Gnome and KDE would be a great asset. Polypaudio has
no dependency on GLIB, nor on Qt/KDE - this is a point that might look
very sexy to the KDE people. Polypaudio includes a main loop adapter
for GLIB main loops nonetheless. In fact I wrote some client
programs (volume meter and manager) in gtkmm using thsi adapter.

Please feel free to comment on Polypaudio and especially on the client
API available from:

Thank you very much for your time,

      Lennart Poettering

name { Lennart Poettering } loc { Hamburg - Germany }
mail { mzft (at) 0pointer (dot) de } gpg { 1A015CC4 }  
www { } icq# { 11060553 }

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