Re: ANNOUNCE: Polypaudio 0.6

<quote who="Lennart Poettering">

> Sure. I am ready for it. What has still to be done for integration in
> Gnome 2.10? The most important requirements (compatibility with ESD,
> driver for gstreamer) are now met, so what's still missing?

The remaining things to do are almost entirely non-technical:

  - Propose it for inclusion in 2.10 (on desktop-devel-list)
  - Have the long-winded discussion about how that's going to affect API/ABI
    issues with esound dependencies and so on
  - Convince everyone that it's a great idea
  - PROFIT!!! ;-)

> BTW: What's the current status of your Debian/Ubuntu packages? Do you
> plan to upload them to Debian in the near future?

It's in Ubuntu 4.10's universe repository, and will most likely be the
default in Ubuntu 5.4, replacing esound. This will probably happen whether
it's accepted into GNOME 2.10 or not, because we can just enable the esound

polypaudio should be in unstable by now, if not, I will check my sponsor.


- Jeff

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