ANNOUNCE: Polypaudio 0.6


I am happy to announce Polypaudio 0.6. What's new:
- TCP wrappers support
- don't load the complete sound file into memory when playing back using pa_play_file()
- autoload API changes; 
- don't load all sound files as FLOAT32
- shorten default buffers
- client-side latency interpolation
- add new user volume metrics
- add module-tunnel, module-null-sink, module-match and new tool paplay
- new API version macros
- many client API improvements
- correctly lock cookie file generation
- correctly lock daemon autospawning
- print daemon layout to STDERR on SIGHUP
- new options for pacat: allow sample type specification

In related news I release gst-polyp 0.1, the first incarnation of a
polypaudio driver for GStreamer:


name { Lennart Poettering } loc { Hamburg - Germany }
mail { mzft (at) 0pointer (dot) de } gpg { 1A015CC4 }  
www { } icq# { 11060553 }

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