Re: ANNOUNCE: Polypaudio 0.6

On Thu, 28.10.04 10:29, Jeff Waugh (jdub perkypants org) wrote:

> > In related news I release gst-polyp 0.1, the first incarnation of a
> > polypaudio driver for GStreamer:
> Dude, this is fantastic. Would you like to join forces, and push for
> polypaudio adoption in GNOME 2.10? Are you ready for it? :)

Sure. I am ready for it. What has still to be done for integration in
Gnome 2.10? The most important requirements (compatibility with ESD,
driver for gstreamer) are now met, so what's still missing?

BTW: What's the current status of your Debian/Ubuntu packages? Do you
plan to upload them to Debian in the near future?


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