Re: Outdated information in the documenation docs

<quote who="Christian Schaller">

> Yes, gmix has been superseded by gst-mixer. I plan on removing the gmix
> directory as soon as we have the accessibility stuff ported over.
> Thanks for the info on doing docs. I had never done any doc work before
> this so it was something of a learning by doing thing for me :)
> I keep your tips in mind when I add docs to other GStreamer tools not
> currently in the official GNOME package.


Please make sure gst-mixer is renamed to gnome-volume-control in the next
release - this change is a 'virtual' ABI compatibility bug. I mentioned this
to Thomas last week, but didn't lodge a bug or mail the list. Sorry. :-)


- Jeff

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     "Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system." - From Monty
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