Re: multimedia capplet

On Sun, Jan 11, 2004 at 02:24:18AM -0500, Jonathan Blandford wrote:
> > - Soundcard output type: Stereo, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1 or even AC3 passthrough
> > (an int, from an enum)

Is there no way to autodetect this ?

> > - Network speed: 56k, ISDN, Cable, bleh (see Totem's prefs for the
> > complete list) (int from an enum as well), that would be used for
> > Streaming protocols that support such a thing (only mms and rtsp that I
> > know of)
Seems fairly bogus in the context of a laptop.

> > - Contrast/Brightness for the video (in percents)
Hmm, interesting.  If we actually made the display capplet something
functional I could see having this there in conjunction with dpi
settings.  It also has some trouble in the context of laptops, or
more specificly things with speedstep.  When I'm on battery power
things should dim

> A couple thoughts:
>  * How does these fit in with the Sound, Network, and Display dialogs?
>  * The sound settings in particular seems like they belongs in the sound capplet.
>  * Network speed can be quite variable.

> > It's about an hour's worth of work, just setting some GConf keys, which
> > both xine-lib and GStreamer-based apps could use in the desktop.
> > The main problem is where we should put this code. I'd like to see it
> > added to the control-center myself as there aren't any additional deps.
> If the keys are needed, we can add them to libgnome and let individual
> apps configure them.  That may be a better solution.
> > Any comments?
> I'm not sold on a generic 'multimedia' capplet, but think the keys sound
> fine.  I can be convinced on the dialog though, if you make a good
> case.  Jody, do you have an opinion?

Some of the keys seem generally useful, but I'm not condfident we've
handled all the use cases enough to not screw ourselves in more
complex environments.  Given all the other ings on the plate I'd
rather see this discussed and put in early in 2.7.

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