Re: RealAudio to remote ESPEAKER

Ralph Aichinger wrote:


Can this scenario be realized with current Gnome (2.8)?

I've got a "terminal server" setup (Apps running on a central server to remote displays) with sound output
over remote ESPEAKERs (basically just like remote DISPLAYs).

Works quite well actually (I am looking forward to polypaudio
nevertheless ;)

As am I :)

but one thing is missing for me:

How can I enable my users to listen to RealAudio (I am most
concerned with BBC radio streams) in this scenario?
The binary, proprietary RealPlayer 10 has no esd output enabled.

RealPlayer 10 is a mixture of open-source helix community code, and binary codecs. The sound parts are all open source, and the whole thing is currently buildable from cvs.

We have an esound driver. We haven't enabled it because A/V sync is terrible.

It does build & generally work, though -- let me know if you want to try doing an esound-enabled build, and I can help you out.

Ryan Gammon
rgammon real com
Developer for Helix Player

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