RealAudio to remote ESPEAKER


Can this scenario be realized with current Gnome (2.8)?

I've got a "terminal server" setup (Apps running on a 
central server to remote displays) with sound output
over remote ESPEAKERs (basically just like remote DISPLAYs).

Works quite well actually (I am looking forward to polypaudio
nevertheless ;) but one thing is missing for me:

How can I enable my users to listen to RealAudio (I am most
concerned with BBC radio streams) in this scenario? 

The binary, proprietary RealPlayer 10 has no esd output enabled.

(a) Is there a fully functional Real-plugin for gstreamer availiable?
(Debian has none packaged in gstreamer0.8)
(b) Or should I try to get a HelixPlayer build with esd enabled (will
this work? I don't think they disabled it without a reason)?
(c) Can stock RealPlayer's output be somehow piped through esd?
(d) Any other solutions that play well with the rest of the Gnome

I do not have to distribute the resulting combination, I only want
to install it, and I am interested in all feasible options, even if
their legal viability has to be checked seperately.

/ralph -- sorry if this "user" type question is off-topic here, but
          I googled for some time now without getting any idea what 
          to further pursue.

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