Re: Food for thought - GNOME-2.8 and multimedia

On Thu, 2004-04-15 at 17:55, Ronald Bultje wrote:
> * there's a patch in bugzilla for GStreamer-based CD support in gnome-cd.
> This has the positive side-effect that it now also access CDDB and thus
> becomes a whole lot better accessible. Probably needs to go into GNOME
> 2.8.

I've been pondering over the last six months or so a replacement for
gnome-cd which is largely based on the Sound Juicer interface which can
also rip CDs.  I find the current gnome-cd interface pretty ugly and
unusable, but as I've hardly the time to maintain SJ at the moment I
doubt I'll be able to code this up shortly.

/me wonders how gstreamer-sharp is going and considers it as a learning
exercise in c#

At some point I'll do some mockups of the interface as I see it in my
mind[1] and post them here.

> * given the increasing media support in GStreamer, do we want to target
> for totem-gst in GNOME 2.8 again? If so, separate package or as part of
> GNOME-media (easy side-entrance)? Bastien, do you mind totem-gst (rather
> than totem-xine - for the obvious legal reasons) going into GNOME-2.8 now?
> Too early?

Personally I'd love for that to be a target of G2.8, and hopefully it
will work this time -- Gst0.8 seems a *lot* better than 0.6.


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