Re: First release of MAS available

On Fri, 24 Jan 2003, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:

> > No, I'm saying "the solution to people disagreeing is not to avoid making
> > a decision".
> Well, I think "going with a layer" can be construed as a decision.  

Well, if the issue is which sound server is right for general Gnome usage
, adding a layer is not making a decision on that issue, it is deciding to
avoid the issue.

Make a decision on that original issue. Don't avoid the issue, because
doing so buys nothing. I guess that's what I'm saying...? :)

(Where is Havoc? He can make this "don't add layers just to avoid taking a
side" argument so much better than I.)

> > People are never going to agree on one really good audio
> > server, but putting time into trying to accomodate disagreement by being
> > configurable does not advance the technology - it's just not productive.
> No, but if you're serious about using apps, then having five
> best-of-breed-apps for each function, each with different output
> systems, is not productive either.

They are not inherently productive, but the ones that aren't really doing 
useful things will die out eventually (who uses NAS anymore?), so having 
the alternatives available is productive, but only so far as it provides a 
process for finding the choice that works for most people.

Anyways, this is sort of a tangent to the main question, which is (IMHO) 
the benefits & tradeoffs of using gstreamer versus using the sound 
server directly, for purposes of Gnome internal sound output.

> I wouldn't know, AFAIK I haven't had any "ding" sounds in redhat since
> 7.0, which kind of makes a point on it's own as well.

I think the biggest problem with the sound events is the default sound set
- too annoying.

> > They don't conflict, though.
> Hm; if an app uses OSS, and the driver doesn't do software mixing, how can 
> esd interject ding sounds while my xmms is playing ?

xmms can use esd :)

-- Elliot

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