Re: First release of MAS available

Le ven 24/01/2003 à 16:44, iain a écrit :
> fre, 2003-01-24 kl. 15:22 skrev Elliot Lee:
> > It's not only memory usage, but CPU usage. Having the 'button clicked'
> > sound in sound server memory ready to play is a lot more efficient than
> > having to stat, open & read a file, perform format conversions, and send
> > the data on to the sound-hardware-abstraction-layer (possibly requiring a
> > fair bit of inter-process data transfer).
> Oh no, I meant if we cache stuff in the application using a GstCache or
> a (hypothetical) GstMemSrc, then the only advantage is memory usage.

The other great advantage is reduction of network latency, because the
sound is cached at the server and you only need one packet to play it.


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