Re: First release of MAS available

fre, 2003-01-24 kl. 16:16 skrev Elliot Lee:

> > Well, I think "going with a layer" can be construed as a decision.  
> Well, if the issue is which sound server is right for general Gnome usage
> , adding a layer is not making a decision on that issue, it is deciding to
> avoid the issue.
> Make a decision on that original issue. Don't avoid the issue, because
> doing so buys nothing. I guess that's what I'm saying...? :)

So say "If you want to use a sound server, the gnome project recommends
MAS" but then dont stop it from working with others Kind of like the
window manager issues.

> > Hm; if an app uses OSS, and the driver doesn't do software mixing, how can 
> > esd interject ding sounds while my xmms is playing ?
> xmms can use esd :)
No no no...
XMMS should make a decision about what way they can output
stuff...adding layers to support everything is not a decision.:)


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