Re: Writing a glib/vfs id3 library/MP3s to test.

El dom, 24-08-2003 a las 22:50, Bastien Nocera escribió:

> That looks quite awful. Take a look at the code used in libvorbis and
> rhythmbox' monkey-media to get the comments:
> - you virtualise open(), close(), read() and write()
> - you make the code in libid3tag make use of user-supplied callbacks or
> the posix fallbacks
> - you write the gnome-vfs callbacks in monkey-media
> - you get the changes to libid3tag accepted upstream.
> Look at vorbis-stream-info-impl.c for ideas.
> It's nice and clean, and you don't need to reimplement everything from
> scratch.

The "problem" I see with libid3tag is the write support.

It handle all ID3v2 tags as ID3 v2.4 ones so it's an easy optimization
when you are only reading them, but when you want to write
modifications, it will always write ID3 v2.4 tags and the user perhaps
wants to use the original 2.2 or 2.3 version because she is using
another player that does not understand v2.4.

Of course, it's fixable. I'm only suggesting another libid3tag
improvements :-P

> Cheers

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